Chris Kouzaris

Story Teller, Radio and Web producer, Audio Super-Hero.

About me

Hello, thanks for visiting, I am Chris and I am a story teller. A recent Broadcasting graduate with a real and driving passion for factual and speech based radio and some excellent radio shows, documentaries and web films behind me. I also occasionally lend my audio super-powers to others making sure their films sound as good as they look.

Career Hilights

BBC-Studio Manager

Joined the BBC World Service as a Studio Manager/Technical Producer. Was responsible for delivering live radio news broadcasts across many English and foreign language services and networks. Also took on Facebook live and Google Hangouts live video streaming as well as preparing pre-recorded visual and audio segments.


Launched educational and factual Youtube channel Know! Productions include a growing series of medical resources and explanations given by leading doctors in their field and mini documentaries.


XJR Review

As a mechanic's son and ex racer I do love my motors. When offered a chance to co-shoot and edit a review video about Jaguar's awesome XJR for CBS's XCAR strand you can imagine I jumped at the chance. One super fun day out shooting and many late nights in front of AVID and AE later I had put together this awesome video feature. Really looking forward to the next one!


Busman's Holiday

Moguai live@Silly Bar

Took a lot of my production kit with me on my extended summer holiday in Cyprus to look for cool projects to keep me out of the sun. Amongst some of the projects I got involved in was producing this feature of Moguai performing live for SIlly Festival Bar on the outskirts of Larnaca.

Broadcast Assistant at LGR

Return to live radio

Joined my neighbours and co-patriots helping them create station sound, commercials and edit down lengthy on air interviews for re-posting to their website.


Ben Ofoedu

Worked with me

Confetti Digital

Was brought in by Confetti Digital to produce a demo radio show with broadcaster and musician Ben Ofoedu. I formatted the show and helped create some cool features including the hilarious quizz 'where's Dave' where callers have to help hapless producer Dave find his way back to the studio.

London Arts on ZoneOne Radio

Listen on Mixcloud

I was asked by Mathew Layton at ZoneOne Radio to take on regular arts magazine London Arts and improve the format as the station prepared to move to live streaming. The show was originally very much a podcast and I worked on the structure and formatics to better conform it to the style and structure of live radio. I also produced a great many of the features and often presented. Almost immediately the audience doubled and the programme was featured in MIxclouds culture category alongside content from The Royal Opera House, The Guardian and other high calibre content creators. Even to this day the editions I produced are the most listened to.

London Olympics

Joined Olympic Broadcasting Services to rig and install broadcast systems in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics.


Blast Radio

The Pulse on Blast

Produced highly acclaimed 'The Pulse on Blast' and flagship weekly news roundup. Was also elected to take on the critical role of Head of News and Speech later also becoming Daytime Controller.

New Show

The AT's Soundclash

Co produced and presented highly successful specialist music show 'The AT's Soundclash'. Co presenter Marcus Lambert played songs from the charts whilst I played songs from the clubs and mixtapes, think Rick Astley versus Rick James. Apart from clashing musically we also regularly clashed over the title with Marcus preferring the more conventional '80's' spelling having not spent his school daze etching 'chris woz ere AT8' all over his desks.


Follow That Car

Watch on Vimeo

Produced short documentary film about the seedy underbelly of London as experienced by a late night cab driver.

The Love Machine

Listen on Soundcloud

A radio documentary on the birth of acid house and in particular how Roland's 'biggest failure' the TB-303 greatly influenced the sound. With interviews with Terry Farley and yours truly going through the process of producing an Acid track on the 303.



  • Production Demo

    Brief excerps of some of the sensational radio I have been behind.


  • Cyanotype Feature

    A radio feature looking at the alternative printing process of making Cyanotypes. Originally made for London Arts on ZoneOne Radio.


  • Piper Gallery

    I visited London's The Piper Gallery for a tour of a collection of abstract works.


  • Web Reel

    My video production show-reel. Cool isn't it?

    View it

  • Chrisanthi's Cafe

    A short web video I made for Chrisanthi's Cafe.

    View it


BA in Broadcasting

1st Class Honours


A comprehensive course covering the practical aspects and theories of Radio and TV production. For my major project I produced two seasons (15 episodes) of weekly student magazine 'the Pulse'. Other modules also assessed my role as Head of News and Speech and Daytime controller. For the project and management modules and major project I earned very comfortable firsts.

From Brain to Broadcast

BBC Academy

June 2014

An intense and comprehensive course teaching the craft of Radio Production. Covered Creative Feature Production including scripting, recording and editing and Live Radio Production taught by some of the BBC's finest feature and programme producers.

My Skills

Audio EditingExpert
Magazine ProductionPro
Feature ProductionExpert
Show FormattingPro
Automation and PlaylistingPro

"Chris really was an excellent student who demonstrated a strong passion and sophisticated understanding of what it is possible to do with radio during his three years at University. In addition to his creative skills and ability to effectively theorise the medium, Chris proved himself an impressive leader during his time as Head of News at Blast FM."

Steve Taylor

Dean of SoA, University of Northampton. Xfm, Presenter

"Chris is a very knowledgeable radio producer. He completely revamped one of our shows and worked with a team of presenters delivering arts content for the station."

Richard Lee

Station Manager ZoneOne Radio

Check out some of my soft skills

  • 90/100Pro-Tools
  • 50/100Myriad
  • 10/100Playing the Guitar
  • 80/100Voice Tracking
  • 70/100RCS Selector/Linker
  • 85/100AVID
  • 80/100Presenting
  • 95/100Technical background
  • 90/100Script writing
  • 85/100Scheduling
  • 69/100BURLI
  • 80/100Story development
  • 90/100Studio Manager
  • 100/100Making it happen
  • 100/100Passionate about Radio


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